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Hello friends

As I fully expect to be dead to the world for the next few days, I would like to enlighten you as to what I’m up to, and no it has nothing to do with China this time 😛

Tomorrow I will be competing in my first triathlon.  It’s not that impressive, only a “sprint” (which I will explain to you n00bs momentarily) and I do not expect it to be pretty, but I am determined to cross the finish be it running, crawling, or on a stretcher.

All triathlons have three back-to-back stages: swim, bike, and run.  There are various lengths and four standard categories: Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman and Ironman.  The distances for the sprint I’m doing is 525m swim, 12mile bike, and 5k run (yeah I know I’m mixing units but that’s what they gave us!).

The kicker is that through an apparent discrepancy in my submitted swim time, I have been somehow plopped into the very first wave with the elite athletes and predicted to finish the swim in 8minutes.  Ha!  So this will prove comedic, as some of the athletes are very serious competitors and I won’t help but to be right in their way!  Oh well, nothing for it now, I just hope no one drowns me out of exasperation :’)

Right, well everyone wish me luck.  I promise pictures once I regain consciousness.


The Best Laid Plans

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New world voyages


To keep everyone interested as I pass my final days in the U.S. (at least until December, assuming I make it back haha), which aside from my upcoming triathlon (don’t worry, I’ll be sure to write a post about how sore I am afterward) seem to promise to be fairly uneventful, here are a few tidbits about the upcoming trip.

I will be leaving on August 28th.   After briefly settling in at Peking U (the Harvard of China, no biggie) there will be a brief  trip to Chengde, and classes will being right after.  I am taking a full courseload of mostly INTS (International Studies) type classes on China and it’s history, as well as a language class and an internship (I don’t know where yet, still waiting to here back from everywhere, but it will be with an NGO).  I have nothing specific planned for weekend trips and site seeing as of yet, but I will be living in Beijing so there are some safe assumptions of Great Wall/Forbidden City/etc visiting.  Any suggestions are welcome.

At the end of the term in late November I will embark from Beijing on a sutdy trip.  Right now the plan is a trip to study the history and culture of central and south China, to include possibly Luoyang,  Xi’an,  Chengdu,  Longsheng, and  Yangshuo.  The trip will be approximately two weeks and I will return to the States mid-December, to resume studies at DU before my graduation in June.

To answer a few FAQs:  While I will know a couple classmates, I am going alone through a program and scholarship from DU; I have been learning Mandarin Chinese for two years, but my basic proficiency is, I fear, questionable at best; I will be staying in the dorms with other students; I’m going to do my best to avoid eating chicken feet or dog meat, though my professor explained that the weirder cuisine is in the south so I should be safe; and yes, I am indeed single, and no, friends,  I’m not bringing men back for you.  Souvenirs, maybe.  Ha!

好,  I think that covers the basics of the trip.   Happy to try to answer more questions, so keep throwing them at me.

Until next time,

Visa Shout Out

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I would like to take a minute to extend a public and heartfelt thank you to my Aunt Lisa, without whom I would not be going to China this fall, at least not as easily.  More specifically, she was my all important link in Chicago near the China Embassy who took care of all my visa footwork, battled the agent who somehow decided my program was only half of the length that I said it was, and refused to take repayment.  So thank you Lisa for securing my visa and making the legitimacy of my trip possible.


Hello, world. We meet again O.o

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It has been brought to my attention that my blogging skills are lacking and must be improved to better document my upcoming excursion to the other People’s Republic (i.e. my semester in China, hailing from Boulder).  So here we go.  I’ll try to make this as non-torturous as possible, though it may be a fools ambition to discourage my biting wit.

It is my arrogant hope that perhaps people than just my mother find this amusing, informative, or at least worth reading to whittling away the slow hours at work (sorry mom, nothing personal.  please don’t stop stalking me on the internet), so feel free to leave encouraging comments, or hecklings;  I am secure enough in how cool my MySpace was in high school to withstand at least moderate criticism of my current blog.

Time to figure out wordpress, peace.