The Best Laid Plans

New world voyages


To keep everyone interested as I pass my final days in the U.S. (at least until December, assuming I make it back haha), which aside from my upcoming triathlon (don’t worry, I’ll be sure to write a post about how sore I am afterward) seem to promise to be fairly uneventful, here are a few tidbits about the upcoming trip.

I will be leaving on August 28th.   After briefly settling in at Peking U (the Harvard of China, no biggie) there will be a brief  trip to Chengde, and classes will being right after.  I am taking a full courseload of mostly INTS (International Studies) type classes on China and it’s history, as well as a language class and an internship (I don’t know where yet, still waiting to here back from everywhere, but it will be with an NGO).  I have nothing specific planned for weekend trips and site seeing as of yet, but I will be living in Beijing so there are some safe assumptions of Great Wall/Forbidden City/etc visiting.  Any suggestions are welcome.

At the end of the term in late November I will embark from Beijing on a sutdy trip.  Right now the plan is a trip to study the history and culture of central and south China, to include possibly Luoyang,  Xi’an,  Chengdu,  Longsheng, and  Yangshuo.  The trip will be approximately two weeks and I will return to the States mid-December, to resume studies at DU before my graduation in June.

To answer a few FAQs:  While I will know a couple classmates, I am going alone through a program and scholarship from DU; I have been learning Mandarin Chinese for two years, but my basic proficiency is, I fear, questionable at best; I will be staying in the dorms with other students; I’m going to do my best to avoid eating chicken feet or dog meat, though my professor explained that the weirder cuisine is in the south so I should be safe; and yes, I am indeed single, and no, friends,  I’m not bringing men back for you.  Souvenirs, maybe.  Ha!

好,  I think that covers the basics of the trip.   Happy to try to answer more questions, so keep throwing them at me.

Until next time,


2 Responses to “The Best Laid Plans”

  1. Erin Callan Says:

    UGH!! Although I am so excited and happy for you, the knot in my gut in growing. You are going to be soooo far away!! Ok, this is the only time I’ll say it (but I have to at least once cuz I’m the big sister) BE CAREFUL!!!

    I love you, I know you are going to have a great great time! I can’t wait to hear all the details!!!!

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