Hello friends

As I fully expect to be dead to the world for the next few days, I would like to enlighten you as to what I’m up to, and no it has nothing to do with China this time 😛

Tomorrow I will be competing in my first triathlon.  It’s not that impressive, only a “sprint” (which I will explain to you n00bs momentarily) and I do not expect it to be pretty, but I am determined to cross the finish be it running, crawling, or on a stretcher.

All triathlons have three back-to-back stages: swim, bike, and run.  There are various lengths and four standard categories: Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman and Ironman.  The distances for the sprint I’m doing is 525m swim, 12mile bike, and 5k run (yeah I know I’m mixing units but that’s what they gave us!).

The kicker is that through an apparent discrepancy in my submitted swim time, I have been somehow plopped into the very first wave with the elite athletes and predicted to finish the swim in 8minutes.  Ha!  So this will prove comedic, as some of the athletes are very serious competitors and I won’t help but to be right in their way!  Oh well, nothing for it now, I just hope no one drowns me out of exasperation :’)

Right, well everyone wish me luck.  I promise pictures once I regain consciousness.


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