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Made it to… Japan!

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So due to a technical malfunction on my flight from the States to Japan, I have been delayed many hours and missed the connection flight.  One thing led to another and I am now writing to you from a hotel in Narita, where I am currently staying until I can be unstranded and sent to China.   Apparently it is some vacation time and all of the near-future flights are booked solid.  Woohoo!  No, really.  I get to miss the placement tests and everything for my program, and I get to hang around Japan for a bit, which should be interesting.

More updates when I fianlly make it to China.  Going out for a sake night with other stranded students.

P.S. This hotel room comes complete with slippers and pajamas.  Japan rocks.


Goodbai America

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It’s my last night in America until December.  I fly out tomorrow morning (arrive at 10:30pm Saturday, however that works).  Everything (I hope!) is packed and ready to go, tickets are printed, flights are checked in to…  I definitely feel like I’ll forget something important, but it’s only China, not Mars, so I’m sure I’ll be able to find everything I need.

I’m looking into a possible internship – no more details until I get it, I don’t want to jinx it.  I’m right now hanging out on Skype waiting to be phone interviewed.  We’ll see how it goes.  I should have an internship somewhere because the program is so helpful with finding one, but where and how relevant is the question!  I have two days a week left completely open so I will be able to work, so if it doesn’t work out idk I’ll hang out in parks and practice Tai Chi 😛

Thank you everyone who came to my (kind of surprise) farewell BBQ yesterday.  It’s great to have such wonderful friends and family!  For those of you who weren’t in attendance, everyone put together a little photo book with handwritten messages for me to take with me from home.  I’m sure it will be very much appreciated a few weeks down the road when I’m lost somewhere by myself and forgot all my Mandarin and culture shock sets in haha.

Even though it’s only a few months everyone’s been acting like I’m not coming back, so cut that out.  Assuming that the blog site isn’t banned by the government like facebook was, I will be in relatively frequent contact with pictures and such here.

My brain:  Very excited!  *panic attack* Very excited! *panic attack*

Well, this is it.  It may be weeks before you hear from me, or it may be Sunday, soon as I figure out internet and get settled.  Fear not.  If I am quarantined for being the lucky girl to sit next to a jerk with swine flu on the airplane, I’m sure I will show up in the Daily Camera and we can all have a good laugh about it when I’m released.

Goodbai, America.  See you at Christmas.

❤ Jenn

Practicing Asian poses at Farwell BBQ

Practicing Asian poses at Farewell BBQ

Two suitcases, a carry on, and a backpack later…

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Ok, I’m terrible at packing.  But I think I’m just about done.  At least, I hope so because I’m at the capacity the airline will allow, which in itself is amazing because I’m generally a relatively light packer.  I take solace in the fact that I don’t intend to take anything in the second suitcase back with me, so it will become the memento suitcase.  Now, now, everyone asking me to bring things back for them – there’s still a financial and weight limit ^.^

Space Bags

More than three months of clothing in that bag...

More than three months of clothing in that bag...

I am thrilled that the space bags worked so well, while not taking an weight out they did wonders with condensing three and a half months of clothing into half a suitcase.  If only they worked with textbooks…

Why yes, I’d love to pack but…

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Why yes, I’d love to pack but you see my cat seems to have taken a stand on the matter…  In the middle of my suitcase…

Kato in suitcase

And who can say “please move so I can move to China” to that face?

In regards to the current frequent changes in the site title

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I’ve been changing the name of my blog this week and it seems to have caused some confusion.  I apologize.  See, the last, and favored titled “All your blog are belong to us”  is a parody of a line from a poorly translated Japanese video game from the 90’s (“All your base are belong to us”).  I am, however, trying my best to not get in trouble in China and was slightly concerned that that title followed by a subtitle saying I was studying abroad in China may lead someone to believe it was a political commentary and not a joke, especially in light of the government’s banning of many popular networking sites like facebook.

Soooooo since I’m not sure how it will be taken and am trying to offend as few people as possible, the title will be changed, at least for now.  That’s my reasoning.  It may be baseless, but better safe than sorry when it comes to offending powerful foreign governments lol

I leave on Friday!  Getting really excited/terrified!   Time to start packing…


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Prompt: A jewel-encrusted box is found in an ancient abandoned temple. Describe the box, what is in the box, and the temple.

Packing is the hardest part.

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Observe, please, the stack of textbooks I am supposed to be bringing with me.  Apparently these books are not available in Beijing in English, and so for our classes we are expected to bring them with us.  This is an average for 5 books per class, which I fear will fill up my entire carry on, as I don’t want to waste the precious weight allotment for my suitcases.  Getting them out there may not be so difficult, but getting them back is where I foresee infinite irritation.  After four month of living in China, you best believe I will have racked up my fill of mementos, and will be less willing to part with this very limited space that I have to again fill with books.  Leave them there, you say?  Perhaps, except that 16 textbooks, even purchased off amazon, amount to a chunk of change that I am loathe to part with without compensation.  We shall see, dear followers, we shall see.

As for the rest of the packing, it has not even begun outside of my wise purchase of “space bags”, those as-seen-on-TV beauties which you can suck the air out of to conserve space.  Weight, not so much.  I feel I will have to fork over another Benjamin just to be allowed on the plane.  How I will cart my stuff around Beijing is another question entirely.  And for me, a relatively light and simple packer, at least for a female, being so burdened will also cause infinite annoyance.  But adequate space must be allotted for previously mentioned mementos.  Look out, China, here I come.

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