Triathlete (and I didn’t need the stretcher after all)


Well, I am officially a triathlete now.  I finished in less than two hours this morning (I don’t know the official time yet, but I’m pretty happy with it).  The winning time was about an hour, and my time would put around the middle of the pack (which, considering it’s my first, is very satisfactory).  As promised, here are pictures and details.


Jenn chokes (on water) Yes so I started out really strong for about three laps before for some reason deciding I was so awesome that I could breath under water and took a huge gulp.  Much choking and doggy paddling ensued, to the chagrin of the fast swimmers behind me.  I took a break at the wall to cough and choke some more and continued, but never fully recovered.  Luckily, I was still strong enough of a swimmer to finish in a little over ten minutes, after being passed a dozen times by the other swimmers in my lane.  Ha.


Jenn creates new drinking game: While going at what I considered to be a reasonable speed, still coughing pool water out of my lungs,  I came up with a new drinking game for next time.  I will wear a live webcam attached to my helmet, and all the viewers at home can take a shot every time someone passes me.  My part in this will to be to keep my friends from dying of alcohol poisoning. 😛
It’s all good.  I managed to not crash, take a break, hit anyone, get a flat…  As it was my third time ever on a road bike, I count it as successful.  I only wish that I could have documented my thoughts as I coasted along mostly by myself for 12 miles in a bizarre state of consciousness that only half choking on water, sleep deprivation, semi-exhaustion, and being in non-competitive race mode without an ipod can generate.


Jenn gets shouted encouragment by gnome man in bushes: I believe my exact words as I passed the entourage were “document this, it’s the last time you’ll see me running”.  While not entirely true, I am what can be best described as a jog-walker. Lol.  I think it took me as long to run 5k as it did to bike 12 miles.  Anyways, around 3k I had noticed the ground was sloping down so began to run again, when I spotted a clump of bushes in the distance and was startled by a man with a funny hat crouching in the bushes with a giant camera.  He shouted encouragement at me and I greeted him before spending the next 2k laughing about it in my head.  Don’t worry, I’m like 70% certain he was with the race.


Finish:  Finally it was over.  Watched my friend Cammie and her momma finish, got a free massage, came home and napped for two hours before waking up and limping around in victory.  I felt that I should have received a n00b award.  Making I’ll make myself one.


And no one ask me when I’m doing the next one, I would like to bask in the glory of the first for a while.  Thank you very much.


2 Responses to “Triathlete (and I didn’t need the stretcher after all)”

  1. Texas Auntie Says:

    Jennifer – Enjoyed hearing about the triathalon, and proud you did well and finished! Good show! What kind of road bike did you ride? Your uncle and I have been riding road bikes since we turned 40 – kind of late to begin, but better late than never! So 18 years later we are still going though we don’t ride the 100 milers any more – more like 15-25 miles at a time. Hardest thing I’ve ever done was ride at age 45 as a team of 4 in a 24 hour bike race in Texas summer heat of 98 degrees with a 20 mph wind. Like you I wondered what I was doing and could I finish (I did!) and why did I pay $60 for the privilege?! The sore muscles will heal, and I know you feel great that you accomplished your goal! Keep up the good work and good luck on your China trip – take and post lots of pictures! Be flexible to your living conditions – no one else on Earth has it as good as we Americans! Love, Texas Auntie

  2. jenniferautumn Says:

    Thank you! It’s definitely another item crossed off the “things to do before I die” list. I borrowed my dad’s Trek 1420 since I spent my funds on a mountain bike last year. That’s really impressive that you both still ride so much, and especially the 24 race! Soon as I have money I want to find a road bike for myself and start upping the mileage too. What do you ride?
    Thanks for the encouragement! ❤ Jenn

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