DU Health Center

I have been very impressed with how helpful the DU Health Center has been with my study abroad experience.  While I foolishly began trying to take care of everything medically through my usual doctor’s office, which was going to send me to two different places for travel medicine, one of which never acted on my request for an appointment even after four voicemails, and then have me do the insurance dance to get them to cover anything, it didn’t take long for me to get frustrated.
I had the bright idea to try the DU health center, and short story shorter, I got my prescriptions for about a 1/4 of what I would have had to pay through insurance, got a same day appointment that took care of all my travel medicine and vaccinations, and got health insurance for abroad right away after discovering that my normal insurance isn’t applicable in China.
Today I went in for what was, hopefully, my last trip (while I love them it is an hour drive every time!).   I didn’t even have time to finish filling out the short form they gave me before being ushered into a room, questioned about my trip, and the right away a doctor came in to see me and discuss what immunizations I should have.  It was awesome.
The doctor also asked me about my Invisible Children shirt, and was impressed by how much meaning was behind the two words.  He then told me about Hemingway’s six word novel, professedly his favorite work, that read:
For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.
I have been pondering this novel since I left.  This was a doctor after my own heart.
So thank you, DU health center.  You have made my trip preparation so much easier.

❤ Jenn



2 Responses to “DU Health Center”

  1. annhyphencharlotte Says:

    I saw the “novel” in your status update on facebook- I had no idea what it meant lol…so what does it mean? I’m still curious 🙂
    You’re lucky that the Health Center has been so helpful for you. While they haven’t been entirely unhelpful (the doctor who gave me my TB vaccination was actually totally awesome, I wonder if it was the same guy?) I keep getting freaking parking tickets every time I go there. It’s really ridiculous especially because I sign my car in every time. So now my wallet is $60 lighter thanks to the losers on segways.

  2. jenniferautumn Says:

    You should be able to contest them! If you’re signed in at the health center you should be able to prove it and make them take it back. Bastards. You know how I feel about campus “security”.
    As for the six word novel, that’s all there is to it. He was challenged to write a novel using only six words, and that’s what he wrote. The idea is that there is so much behind the six words that it’s a novel in itself. Hemingway declared it to be his best work.

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