I move to China in two weeks, a fact that I have been greeting even complete strangers with every oppurtunity I get.  The excitment is finally equal to the stress level.  On one hand, I’m going to China, somewhere I have wanted to be for as long as I can remember, and I get to live a Beijing, a city steeped in thousands of years of history.  On the other hand, I’m moving to China, by myself, with a barely adequate grasp of the langauge and no idea what I’m doing.  I feel like I’m pretty on track with getting ready to go though.

Done:  got plane ticket, applied for and got visa, registered for classes, ordered textbooks, registered with state department, contacted program, got scholarships, got suitcase, got backpacking backpack, got deflatable storage bags, got shoes, reviewed language on Rosetta Stone, applied for internship, got guidebook, put in two weeks notice at job, applied for housing, got new camera, learned how to use new camera, filled out pre-departure surveys, figured out cell phone, and arranged for care of pets while I’m away.

Need to do:  everything else.

Ha.  Good luck to me.  And everyone else in the same boat.  Let the count down begin.


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