In regards to the current frequent changes in the site title

I’ve been changing the name of my blog this week and it seems to have caused some confusion.  I apologize.  See, the last, and favored titled “All your blog are belong to us”  is a parody of a line from a poorly translated Japanese video game from the 90’s (“All your base are belong to us”).  I am, however, trying my best to not get in trouble in China and was slightly concerned that that title followed by a subtitle saying I was studying abroad in China may lead someone to believe it was a political commentary and not a joke, especially in light of the government’s banning of many popular networking sites like facebook.

Soooooo since I’m not sure how it will be taken and am trying to offend as few people as possible, the title will be changed, at least for now.  That’s my reasoning.  It may be baseless, but better safe than sorry when it comes to offending powerful foreign governments lol

I leave on Friday!  Getting really excited/terrified!   Time to start packing…


One Response to “In regards to the current frequent changes in the site title”

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