Goodbai America

It’s my last night in America until December.  I fly out tomorrow morning (arrive at 10:30pm Saturday, however that works).  Everything (I hope!) is packed and ready to go, tickets are printed, flights are checked in to…  I definitely feel like I’ll forget something important, but it’s only China, not Mars, so I’m sure I’ll be able to find everything I need.

I’m looking into a possible internship – no more details until I get it, I don’t want to jinx it.  I’m right now hanging out on Skype waiting to be phone interviewed.  We’ll see how it goes.  I should have an internship somewhere because the program is so helpful with finding one, but where and how relevant is the question!  I have two days a week left completely open so I will be able to work, so if it doesn’t work out idk I’ll hang out in parks and practice Tai Chi 😛

Thank you everyone who came to my (kind of surprise) farewell BBQ yesterday.  It’s great to have such wonderful friends and family!  For those of you who weren’t in attendance, everyone put together a little photo book with handwritten messages for me to take with me from home.  I’m sure it will be very much appreciated a few weeks down the road when I’m lost somewhere by myself and forgot all my Mandarin and culture shock sets in haha.

Even though it’s only a few months everyone’s been acting like I’m not coming back, so cut that out.  Assuming that the blog site isn’t banned by the government like facebook was, I will be in relatively frequent contact with pictures and such here.

My brain:  Very excited!  *panic attack* Very excited! *panic attack*

Well, this is it.  It may be weeks before you hear from me, or it may be Sunday, soon as I figure out internet and get settled.  Fear not.  If I am quarantined for being the lucky girl to sit next to a jerk with swine flu on the airplane, I’m sure I will show up in the Daily Camera and we can all have a good laugh about it when I’m released.

Goodbai, America.  See you at Christmas.

❤ Jenn

Practicing Asian poses at Farwell BBQ

Practicing Asian poses at Farewell BBQ


2 Responses to “Goodbai America”

  1. Texas Auntie Says:

    Best of luck for a great trip over and wonderful life experience! Stay safe, study hard, and make lots of friends. Looking forward to hearing of your travels and daily life in China. Love, Texas Auntie

  2. GIRL!!
    I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it down for your bbq… stupid being an RA…
    Have a lovely time!

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