Made it to… Japan!

So due to a technical malfunction on my flight from the States to Japan, I have been delayed many hours and missed the connection flight.  One thing led to another and I am now writing to you from a hotel in Narita, where I am currently staying until I can be unstranded and sent to China.   Apparently it is some vacation time and all of the near-future flights are booked solid.  Woohoo!  No, really.  I get to miss the placement tests and everything for my program, and I get to hang around Japan for a bit, which should be interesting.

More updates when I fianlly make it to China.  Going out for a sake night with other stranded students.

P.S. This hotel room comes complete with slippers and pajamas.  Japan rocks.


4 Responses to “Made it to… Japan!”

  1. Only you can get a free day in Norita at the airlines expense! I usually end up sleep on the airport floor. Post pics!

    Glad you finally made it to China, I long ride there (in more ways than one) but it has begun!

  2. I thought I left a msg but it doesn’t look like it saved soooooo:

    Only you can get to stay free for a day in Japan because the airline had problems! I usually end up on the airport floor sleeping…

    Glad you finally made it to Beijing tho!

    Luv ya!

  3. Rick Mendenhall Says:

    You were probably at the hotel I’ll be staying at for a few days when I get to Japan!

    Hooray Japan!

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