Nice to meet you, China.

It’s been a while, I know. But dear lord what a week. We finally got to China, at about 2am two days late, and then 5 hours later we left on a trip to Chengde to see some sweet temples and the great wall. The trip lasted two and a half days and then we finally got to settle into our dorms at Beida.
I have been without internet or a cell phone for a week and a half now, I think (I’m still way confused on what day it is and the time change with so much jet lag…) I finally got some intertubes and have been working off proxies ever since, since it seems the Chinese government has blocked most of the sites I visit. It has been a little challenging, and right now I am typing into a blank screen hoping that I’m spelling everything correctly and such.
I started classes yesterday, and have made a verdict on everyone saying the classes will be a joke here: bullshit. I have two books to read cover to cover by Tuesday, and Chinese language hw. I applied for a language partner so hopefully that will help.
I thought I knew some Chinese, but after coming here I know that that too is bullshit. At least, everyone acts like they have no idea what I’m saying. Most people are pretty nice though. We have successfully ordered several meals and gotten SIM cards and meal cards and student Ids. I am having trouble with everything electronic though – my phone is locked, my internet is freezing, my computer is freezing… Oh well, I’ll figured it out soon I’m sure.
I start my internship on Monday, and I have to figure out the subway by myself so wish me luck.
This whole typing into a blank sceeen thing is a little obnoxious so I’ll post more later when I can.
Hello from China everyone

P.S. As previously stated, my technical difficulties are preventing me from uploading any pictures at the moment, so they will come later. Sorry


2 Responses to “Nice to meet you, China.”

  1. Howdi! Glad to hear you finally made it. I couldn’t believe the stack of books you had to take with you. Just wondering if the cat was inside the clothes bag when you sucked the air out of it… take care!

  2. annhyphencharlotte Says:

    Mercury is in retrograde!!! lol I know a lot of people have been having problems with their electronics…I say, look to the stars. teehee

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