I can’t access, well, anything really. Between my computer and all the government blocks I have no easy way to communicate with people. So stop using facebook to talk to me because I can’t get to it or respond if I do. Use skype, it’s the only thing that works so far.


4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Do you get these posts?

  2. jenniferautumn Says:

    Yeah I seem to be getting these

  3. Sounds like quite the trip so far! So impressed that you have been able to figure it all out so far. I remember how good you were if finding your way around in Greece! We hope you feel better soon, do they have any good herbal remedy shops around?

    I sent the unlock for your phone, not sure if you finally got it from tmoblile so I had them send it to me this time. I forwarded so check your email.

    By the time you are done with this, DU will seem like a peice of cake! Oh yes, the Olds is sold so were again a two car family! Have you been able to check out Valerie Storm yet? She was hillarious!

    Dad and I are looking into getting new windows for the house, will let you know if we do.

    Love ya and thanks for all the updates on the blog!


  4. I can’t figure Skype out! Arrggh!! I think this will have to do until I can. You though you were technology challenged! lol

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