First day of internship

Today was my first day at my internship with China Security. It went as well as it could have, considering both me and the circumstances. I woke up feeling much worse than yesterday being-sick-wise, but I sucked it up (princess) and made the one and a half hour trip across Beijing to work. A few notes on that trip, before we go any further. Imagine, if you will, fellow DU students, walking a circle around all of campus, jumping on the light rail where you are packed like sardines with three times as many people as you have ever seen on the lightrail and riding it to Union Station then back to campus, before hailing a cab for another ten minute drive (albeit, this only costs you about $1.50). That is what my trip to and from work feels like, though slightly less redundant, I just wanted you to get the picture about how far my trip is. Everyone reading this who isn’t a Pioneer, I assume you get the picture. Another note: I don’t think anyone hear eats on the go like American’s do. I grabbed some bread for breakfast and thought it would be clever to eat it as I was making the 25 minute walk to the subway station, but apparently if I didn’t look foreigner enough already that was the cherry on top because nooo one else was eating anything. Lastly, I would like to bring up the poor poor poor coffee situation here: there isn’t really any. You can get it, but compared to delicious Colorado coffee there just isn’t any comparison. I had a Starbucks once two days ago and it was good but expensive and hardly satisfied my addiction. I really have no idea what I’m going to do.
Ok, internship. I got there without any real troubles which is good because I still do not have a cell phone. I think I will be doing a lot of copy editing and formatting, which is what I practiced today. It was a bit overwhelming because it was like, do you know how to format websites, no, have you ever used this program, no, have you ever used this program, no, do you know graphics and animation at all, no, have you ever done this before, no, well you’ll pick it up pretty quick. Granted, I am a quick learned but I just know he must have been thinking “I’m sorry, are you adept at anything?” I think I’m alright at the programs and websites, even without prior experience I am of the technology generation. The office is really small, there are only four other people there usually (which is fantastic because I’m terrible with names so maybe only four won’t be so bad). I still felt incredibly awkward on top of being tired and sick, so hopefully they didn’t think I was too much of an idiot. We went to lunch at an Indian restaurant (I know I know, but I need some different foods), then several hours of editing and reading articles later it was time to go home. Success.


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