Small foreigner, big China.

I’m definitely feeling a bit lonely now. My Chinese is not so good, I have no phone and rarely any internet to connect with people, I’m still feeling sick, I don’t know the foods well enough to want to go out by myself, and on the sardine-packed subway I am definitely the only foreign person there. Sprite has become a comfort food for me, and I don’t even drink soda in the States. Most people are really nice, but I’m a long way from home.


3 Responses to “Small foreigner, big China.”

  1. Jeff avoided getting sick the 2 dozen times he was in China by drinking only boiled hot tea and beer(which is low alcohol)
    He got so he liked fried chicken feet.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow!

  2. Rick Mendenhall Says:

    Hey Jen,

    I’m sorry you’re sickly and altogether worse for the wear, but it’ll definitely pick up! I have every confidence in you! 🙂


    Props to your title for this entry. I’ll more than likely have some entry on my blog that’s entitled, small man in big Tokyo. miss you!

  3. jenniferautumn Says:

    Hi Rick!! Good to hear from you. What is your blog, so that I may follow it. Are you in Japan yet?
    And Debbie, yeah I’ve been drinking LOTS of tea and beer, good thing it’s so cheap here!

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