I dropped my dumpling, can I please have another?

There are good chopstick days and bad chopstick days. This was the latter. We ate baozi for lunch (they’re rolls with meat and vegetables in the middle or something like that) and they are quite large. Other people were eating them with chopsticks and having no problem, but our small group of foreigners had very little luck. We all dropped at least one. Apparently another group tried them too and had one explode. It was probably a pretty entertaining day for the servers. Or they couldn’t wait for us to leave; your guess is as good as mine. I ended up both using my fingers and impaling them with my chopsticks, varying between both because I couldn’t decide which was more impolite. Hahaha. Better luck tomorrow.


2 Responses to “I dropped my dumpling, can I please have another?”

  1. lol I wonder if they wonder what planet you all came from. Jus remember they ahve had YEARS of practice! You’ll be a pro by the time you get back and can give us lessons. :o)

  2. Ha! Exploding and impaling, interesting choice of control on a dumpling…

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