Eaten alive

No, no. Don’t worry I’m not talking about dogs. I’m talking, unfortunately, about myself. I believe it’s mosquitoes but I really don’t know. I look like I have chickenpox or something because of all the bites. I have at least twenty at the moment. I don’t know when they happen or anything helpful I was even wearing pants and boots yesterday and they manage to eat up my ankles. It’s terrible. I really hope it isn’t bed bugs. We all seem to have the same problem, and other citizens here have said it’s mosquitoes, but I don’t know… I can’t find anything resembling bug spray here. Maybe they’ll all die when the weather gets cold. In a month… There must be some method of preventing them because I don’t see all the Asians covered in giant bites. I will have to investigate.


One Response to “Eaten alive”

  1. Can you please leave your clothes there when you come back. I don’t think we want those bugs at home. JUST KIDDING!

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