My favorite things so far

Some of my favorite things about China so far:

How the Chinese are always singing to themselves.
How stylish the females are.
How helpful and friendly (most) people are.
How cheap everything is.
The abundance of bars, clubs, and super cheap alcohol.
How in some spots, like the small lake on campus, are little peaceful oases in the middle of one of the world’s biggest cities.
How many people bike every where.
The cheap and abundant public transportation systems.
Bubble tea.
Trying a food I’ve never seen before at almost every meal.
All the willow trees.
Figuring out that no matter how much I thought I knew about China, I don’t know anything about China.
That I’ve successfully been able to make several purchases entirely in Chinese and with minimal pointing.
How no one, especially Chinese women, ever answers a question directly, most especially if the answer is no.
Being the center of attention in most places and almost as fascinating to natives as the historical palaces and temples when we visit sites.
That despite defying death every time I get in a vehicle, I have so far defied death.
Learning something I never knew about the world every single conversation that I have here.

And there’s more, but I will make another list in the near future. This is just a tidbit to keep everything from thinking I am not enjoying myself while I get used to the extreme differences here!


One Response to “My favorite things so far”

  1. What is bubble tea??? I LOVE willow trees!!! How is your internship? Mom says your learning new programs! We think about you every day. Mom and I are watching a movie now to relax after making jalpeno jelly!! Mmmm..

    Well, keep keeping us posted! LOVE YOU TONS!!!

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