Nothing but contradictions

China is nothing if not complex. It’s difficult to get a grip on what’s going on here, but so interesting to observe too. I am thoroughly convinced I will never truly understand what it means to be Chinese. Everything is a contradiction. For example, there are guards everywhere, but none carry weapons. There are X-ray machines for bags at the subway, but no metal detectors for the people. Beida is surrounded by concrete walls and gates, but there are no locks on the gates.
I think the most interesting one is the opposite of America. We (mostly) trust our government to keep us safe, but we are terrified of other people. We have locks and guns and don’t walk alone or talk to strangers. Here everyone seems to trust the people, but (in my opinion) it is the government you cannot feel safe with. There is a very low crime rate, really no need to lock doors and no one has weapons. Yet you cannot say anything you want to or do anything you want to because of Big Brother. Just another difference for us but who’s to say which is better.


3 Responses to “Nothing but contradictions”

  1. Texas Auntie Says:

    What is better for me is personal freedom…my right to speak, my right to carry a weapon, my right to freely worship, my right to elect my government, my right to bear the children I want, my right for my children to excel regardless of their sex, my right to save my earned money and not have it go into the “collective” pot. Yes no society is perfect; people have faults. A democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people so it will have imperfections. I would rather live and work for my freedom than be sequestered and fettered by Big Brother. We get to choose our path; millions around the world do not. My sons, my father, my uncles, and friends and thousands upon thousands of others serve and have served in the military to protect our freedoms. Many have given their lives protecting our freedoms. I owe them all a tremendous debt of gratitude. I am always and forever grateful for the blessings of my life and my country. We have so many people always clammoring to enter our borders, and we let them come. They have been coming for over 250 years. Our diversity sometimes causes us problems – cultures clash when people don’t try to understand their differences and their common threads – but ask someone who has immigrated to the U.S. if they want to go back to their former country. Usually they miss their homeland, but they do not miss their government. They have the chance to thrive here where at home they did not. We each should be able to decide what is best for ourselves; but for millions it is decided for them.

    • Aunt Cecelia Says:

      Ditto on freedom, which I will chose every time. We do thrive here even in our imperfectness. We can speak our minds here, even though others may disagree. With Veteran’s Day coming on November 11th each year, I always think about all of the veterans in the wars of each of our family’s generations and I thank them for their sacrifice and service to protect for us all of the freedoms we have today. I’ll tell you one day of the ones I know about and have researched. Much love and study hard!

  2. Well said!

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