Something old, something new.

I had a conversation with a native Chinese yesterday at the Summer Palace, and we asked her what she thought the biggest difference between China and America is. She replied that she feels it is that Americans are always looking forward and finding new paths, and the Chinese are looking back to their history and traditions to find the right path. I thought that was very interesting, and astute. Who knew I would find out so much about myself by leaving my home.


2 Responses to “Something old, something new.”

  1. Things that make you hmmm…

  2. Janet Davies Says:

    What a wonderful experience for you to be able to travel with your studies. I learned a lot about myself when I went away to college back a few years ago. One of the things I learned was that I had more strength inside me than I first suspected.

    We really love your mom and she is a great, great help at our office. She came just at the right time when we needed her. God is like that — His timing is perfect.

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