Intruder, Friend, then Traitor: My encounter with Xiaodi

So, I was doing my homework a couple nights ago and was startled in an unpleasant way by noticing something darting across my ceiling. I look up to find that I have been joined by a small lizard. After terrifiedly calling my friends to come see him and begging them to get rid of them, which they refused, I looked him up on the internet to see what his deal was. I found out that small lizards eat bugs. After that, I was more inclined to allow him to stay, as long as he stayed on the ceiling corner opposite from me.
My human friends left, and I continued cautiously to do my homework, keeping an eye on him. He darted around, but kept to his part of the deal mostly, and I started to have a conversation with him. When I asked his name, he didn’t respond, so I was inclined to believe he didn’t have one. I argued with my friend, Ben, for about half an hour about what to call him, and we settled on Xiaodi, little emperor. Xiaodi and I became friends, or so I believed. The conversation was pleasant, though mostly one sided (he was probably unaccustomed to having conversations with foreigners) and though he breached his corner several times, I was willing to let it slide in belief that he was eating bugs, and I could see how he might have to leave his corner to chase them.
However, as often happens, the power went out. It was out for a tense hour or so, when I felt that my friendship with Xiaodi had perhaps not progressed enough to be comfortable in the dark with a lizard running around over my head. But when the lights came back on, he had disappeared.
That was the last I have seen of Xiaodi. Whether he had had his fill of bugs or had tired of the friendship and unpolitely darted away at the first chance of escape, I do not know. I feel it was rather traitorous of him to disappear like he did, after all my efforts to appreciate his intrusion. The more interesting question, in my opinion, is how he had entered or exited my room, with a closed door and window. I am only grateful that the creature that chose to visit me through the many small cracks in the room was a lizard, and not a cockroach or a rat, as some of the other students have encountered.
Goodbye, Xiaodi. Our friendship was brief, but entertaining.


4 Responses to “Intruder, Friend, then Traitor: My encounter with Xiaodi”

  1. Jen…you are accepting friendships with lizards! If they start talking to you, I am coming to get you! lol

  2. Janet Davies Says:

    WOW ! Llife in another country certainly has its surprises. You handled it very well. Congratulations.

  3. Sounds a lot safer then my wall of ants in Kenya but your narrative is much better than me describing my experience! I hence forth expect to see a book published about your travels!

  4. ahahaha!!!! i love xiaodi!! and your description of your… brief but amiable friendship with him. 😀 <333

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