You know you’ve learned some Chinese when…

I got in a fight with a cab driver yesterday. And won. Kind of.
He was supposed to take us to a lounge we had read about, but didn’t know the exact location of. We knew the district though and it’s usually half an hour drive, about 40RMB. Well, he got lost. And charged us for the entire half an hour he spent figuring out where he was going. By the time he finally dropped us off in the middle of no where (the lounge was open, but had maybe 15 people inside and the entire street it was on was closed), the tab was almost 100RMB. Obviously, we did not have the intention of paying for him not knowing where he was going. When I arrived here, I perhaps would have just paid and pouted about it, but no longer. I handed him 50 and got out, which of course he was having none of.
Long story short (too late) I and Ben were arguing with him, in Chinese mind you, oh yes, for another half an hour on the street block, drawing a crowd of many bored workers who thought we were the most entertaining thing in town. I even got to use the new phrase I learned in class last week, which translates roughly to “You’re mad!”. Sometimes we would just looked at each other and start yelling in English since we knew he couldn’t understand, usually along the lines of “Let’s start yelling in English again to look angry!! I’m getting bored of this what do you think will happen if we just run!!! I don’t know, is that a new shirt!!! Yeah I bought it last week!!!”
In the end, we got away only paying 60RMB, which was still way too high, but probably some of our best bargaining to date. My first fight in Chinese!
And don’t worry, parentals. We would have booked it before the cops arrived. Kidding! We’re both blonde, they would have been on our side 😛


7 Responses to “You know you’ve learned some Chinese when…”

  1. rickmendenhall Says:

    hahahahaa that story is amazing!

  2. Amazing, your tales of your travels! Learning about all these places and interacting with all kinds of people just make me tingle. I am so thrilled you get this chance to be a laison with some of the Chinese people. I hope your toe is doing well, and I presume the cold you had is over. Looking forward to later postings.
    Carolyn Elliott

  3. Cecelia Williams Says:

    Hope that your toe is better. Even here in the States the doctors will not usually splint a toe, although they may put the foot into a walking boot to immobilize the toe yet allow you to walk. No more practicing Kung Fu for a while!
    You are right to remember RICE — rest, ice, compression, and elevation, for the toe. Do they have ace-type bandages, so that you can wrap the toe for compression? Later, this helps the healing: 1 minute soaking in cold water; 4-5 minutes in very warm to hot water; and then back into the cold water for 1 minute. Do this as often as you can — 2-3 times a day, if possible. It will require a tub and a large bowl or two large bowls.
    Take care, study well, and enjoy! Love, Aunt Cecelia

  4. YOU CRACK ME UP!! Good job!

  5. Glad you didn’t choose to run with that hurt toe…would not have been good!

  6. that’s my girl! I love the part on using english to keep up the tension so you can earn points on your end of the bargain! it is a hard thing to learn but you did a fine job of not being taken advatage of! Proud of ya!

  7. hi jen, saw your blogs and i think it is very interesting how a different country experience can make one think and write:) i found this article and thought it will be interesting for you –

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