Things on sticks

Things on sticks are some of my favorite foods here. Probably better translated as “kabobs”, they are literally assorted food items stabbed with a stick and then cooked, ranging on the bizarre food scale from recognizable and delicious chicken to hearts to unrecognizable variations of tofu and meat to… drum roll please… scorpions. For real. I went with Ben to Wanfujin district yesterday – a district known for it’s giant malls, pricey brand labels, and weird things on sticks. Choices included beetles, seahorses, star fish, fetal chickens, sheep penis, and scorpions. The worst part is that the scorpions are still alive on the sticks and wiggle around to prove how fresh they are. For better or for worse, I did not bring myself to try them. I did, however, take photos which should hopefully be available on the picasa web album soon of another couple friends of ours who also found the scorpions and did actually eat them. Respect. The Chinese bring food on sticks to a whole other level.


3 Responses to “Things on sticks”

  1. yummmm, wiggly scorpions, sheep penis’, tell you friends that I am impressed that they tried them! Chalk it up to another unforgettable experience!

  2. JEN!!!! You have to try it! THat’s what you’re there for!!! LOL Do it! DO it! Do it! Do it!

  3. Aunt Cecelia Says:

    Ha! Didn’t Confucius say: If one is hungry enough, one will eat anything? LOL Just don’t make yourself ill with it! Last year during the Olympics one of the newscasters reported on “Things on Sticks.” Yes, it was an eye-opener! Love the photos. Take care and have a great week. Love, Aunt Cecelia

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