Registration frustration and Halloween

Well, apparently Colorado had a time change.  Long story short, I thought I was supposed to wake up at 3am to register for classes, but it is actually at 4am.  So I am playing on my computer waiting to register, which would be fine except I am supposed to wake up for good and go to work in four hours.  Damn it.

Good news for you though, I finally have a way to post some pictures here.  And since the question of the week from everyone is Halloween, I will discuss.

No, the Chinese do not technically celebrate Halloween.  But due to the “high” volume of foreigners here who do, it seems like every bar/club/venue in Beijing was having some sort of party.  We went to a big wearhouse party in the old art district.  There was a DJ, lots of costumes, about 3000 people, lots of alcohol, lots of dancing, etc.  And on our way home, it started to snow (apparently even in Beijing I can’t escape snow on Halloween lol).  So overall, a fun time.   Costumes were a bit hard to find without a lot of creativity, which luckily as Americans we possess in volume.


2 Responses to “Registration frustration and Halloween”

  1. Suprise! Instead of lurking I am replying. Beer in a bag and stuff on a stick, what more could one want?
    Do they have carrot curry soup on a stick?

  2. Aunt Cecelia Says:

    Great costume, Jenn! Is “Mango” above actually “Dad?” Hope you were able to register for what you wanted! Love, Aunt Cecelia

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