The Cat Whisperers

Since I arrived I noticed that there are dozens and dozens of stray cats around campus.  I, being a cat person, loved this since it felt like I still kind of had pets here.  I always in the back of my mind wondered how they sustained themselves, but just accepted the fact.

Well, a couple days ago I found the answer.  In addition to cats, the campus is also inhabited by cat whisperers.  More specifically, what I believe is happening is that there is a club on campus that goes around, feeding, watering and sheltering the kitties.  I discovered this fact when a friend and I stumbled onto a cat village, where the cat whisperers had built a dozen little kitties houses and go around feeding them in between classes.  We were playing with the cats when all of a sudden a man appeared and all the cats immediately ran to him.  He then dropped food for them.  We thought he was just a good samaritan, until we found similar food piles surrounded by cats again, and again, and agian.

I have dubbed them the cat whisperers, and have found a new love for the Beida campus.


4 Responses to “The Cat Whisperers”

  1. Aunt Cecelia Says:

    How wonderful that the kitties have campus friends. It is much like the little park in Honolulu, where the kitties are taken care of, yet remain in the “wild.” Take care, Aunt Cecelia

  2. I say this reluctantly, but be careful they aren’t being groomed as future food on a stick.

    • jenniferautumn Says:

      Oh my god I can’t believe you went there! No, actually, I had this conversation with an old Chinese guy – cat’s are not as good eating as dogs because they’re so lean and stringy! Dog meat is the good stuff.

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