Pub Golf ~ Lucky 21

Well, as many of you know, Sunday was my birthday.  21 to be exact.  Now, again you naiive readers may be asking yourselves, how does one celebrate a 21 birthday in China, where there is no discernible drinking age and therefore no novelty?  False.  We are American college students, and therefore where there is any excuse, there is a monster party.

I, with the help of another girl who had a birthday a few days ago, organized a big game of pub golf for the program.  For those of you unfamiliar with pub golf, as I was until organizing the game, you find find one version of the rules at <> and here is the  scorecard I made to give you an idea what it looks like:

Pub Golf Scorecard

Well, the game went fantastically.  About 30 people showed up to play, and at least half of them made it to the last “hole”.  It was a lot of fun.  Spending the night running around Beijing, drinking and hanging out with my favorite people in China – what better way to greet another year?

Thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone who sent them ~ via email, facebook, skype, card, phone, etc.  I was a bit overwhelmed logging onto anything that day, there were so many!

Today the program bought me and Eric (who’s birthday is today) giant cakes with fantastic Chinese-y exploding fire candles.   So, considering that we started pub golf last Saturday night, officially was on Sunday, which is actually on Monday due to the time change in the States,  I think my birthday has been continuously been celebrated for four days now.  I’m so spoiled.

Unfortunately, that also means I have not written my term papers like I should have!  Time to get back to work.  I have another three papers due next week, in combination with the big one I turned in last week, and then finals are next Thursday.  Ughhhh.  I cannot believe I am only in Beijing another week and a half. (Then off on a two week study trip, which will be so much fun)(but finals first, which are not so fun).  My last day at my internship is next Wednesday, which is almost perfect actually because we just sent the issue we’re been working on since I arrived to print, and we should have it by then so I can snag a copy.  Ok, well enough about leaving, I will write another post about that!

Here are a few pictures from pub golf:


3 Responses to “Pub Golf ~ Lucky 21”

  1. Oh happy birthday my dear! Such wonderful pictures of my daughter getting plastered… I always thought the Western way of doing things was not always the best 🙂 I am glad that it was a fun, memorable day(s) for you! All grown up and with an inkling of what you want to do with your life! Very proud of you!

    I will tell you the story behind the cake and my trials of trying to order a cake, or flowers or a panda for you. Since you did not receive one of these you know how it ends! Darn, I was really hoping to have been able to surprise you but wow, what you see is not what you get and what you want to do in not what they will do… Even with my extraordinary sleuthing skills I was not able to accomplish this, amazes even me. I have a better understanding of what you have been going through, I am ever so humbled!

    We plan on have a birthday party for when you get back since there are things here for you and it wouldn’t be right to just give them to you and not celebrate your big day.

    Hope you’ve been able to get your papers done, and enjoy your last month there, bittersweet.

    Luv ya!

    • jenniferautumn Says:

      Haha I appreciate the efforts nonetheless! Yeah, China is in no way shape or form like the States. It is absolutely impossible to get anything done without extensive help from natives, and even then it’s iffy. Oh, the stories I have. We will have a big double party when I get back! Dad can be invited too, even though I already sent him his present 😛
      And don’t worry, I was hardly plastered this time. 😉

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