What I’ve been up to… And more excuses for why I’m not blogging.

Number one excuse:  It’s finals week.

Now on to what I’ve been up to.

Last Saturday we went to the Olympic Park, and saw the bird’s nest and watercube.  Actually, the watercube was closed so we literally just saw it.  The bird’s nest we toured.  It is, in fact, huge.  And looks like a bird’s nest.  Really it’s exactly the same as it looks on T.V.  We’ve driven by it a hundred times on our ways out, but this time I got pictures.

Afterwards, we went to tea street and enjoyed some tea ceremonies.  We were educated on the ways of tea (in Chinese though, so I don’t promise that I actually understood anything), drank lots and lots, and then made some purchases.

Sunday I spent all day at an internet cafe working on papers.  Monday, I went to work, then spent the rest of the night working on papers.  Tuesday, I….  am at an internet cafe, supposedly working on papers but really blogging.  Notice the theme?

Saturday is my last day in Beijing, after that we are taking a two week study trip around Southern China — visiting the terra cotta soldiers and panda reserves and such — and then back home, to eat so much cheese and coffee it’s disgusting.

And yes, if you’ve noticed from the pictures, I’ve taken another step in sinofication by wearing a face mask.  Not just for health, but also fashionable.  And, it keeps my face warm.  Win.



3 Responses to “What I’ve been up to… And more excuses for why I’m not blogging.”

  1. Good Luck on your finals! I am sure you will have impressive results! I am sooo jealous of you end of semester trip! I have always wanted to see the Terra Cotta m\Museum!!! You had better bring back tons of pictures and one of the statues too! Your blog has been such a good read. I have been reading through every once in awhile, you are a terrific writer! I will be sorry to see your last entry.

    You say that the face mask is also a fashion statement, I do not see anyone else in the picture wearing one… You do look very fashionable though! How long have you been wearing one? Is it for the air of germs?

    Well, may your pencil be ever sharp!

    • jenniferautumn Says:

      Ha. It is true, others have been slow to catch onto the face mask. It is more of an Asian thing. I will cultivate the style though.

  2. Aunt Cecelia Says:

    Hope you did well on your finals and papers! Have a good trip!

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