在中国。。。we celebrate Thanksgiving with ten hours of finals and Beijing roast duck!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

It’s been harder than I thought to be gone for so many holidays and big developments.  Thanks to all of you who have kept in touch with me on the other side of the world.

I have just finished my last final, successfully wrapping up my semester at Peking University.  Don’t ask how they went, it was painful.  Yay pass/fail!  I will be very happy to be back at DU with my favorite professors.

My last day at my internship was on Wednesday.  Actually, through a miscalculation I didn’t actually have to go in on Wednesday, but had forgotten to pick up my evaluation form from my boss, so made the hour trip, picked up my things, then came an hour back.  Lol.  Oops.  The journal I have been working on was printed finally, so I picked up a copy of that too.  It is very exciting to have our names on the inside cover of an international policy journal.  I may frame a copy.  If you want autographs, hit up my people. 😉

It has been a very busy week (I know, I know, have I ever posted a blog that said, oh I’m so bored I have nothing to do…?!).  I had five or six papers due, finals to study for, places to visit for the last time…  But now it’s done and I’ve more or less survived!  We leave tomorrow night for the two week study trip, which we are all very excited for, then are back in Beijing for a day, then HOME.  I have greatly enjoyed my experience here and have learned so much that I never would have otherwise, but I am now completely firm in my belief that the United States is the best place in the world.

The program took pity on us for missing some of the holidays, and has arranged for us to go to a big dinner tonight.  We are going to a Peking roast duck restaurant.  Thanksgiving, China style 🙂  I had a brief feeling of sadness at not getting turkey, but then I realized this is a much more appropriate way to celebrate while in China.  When else can I celebrate Thanksgiving in China in a Chinese restaurant with Chinese people eating a famous Chinese dish?  Lol.  So I’m excited.  I’ve had duck before here and it is scrumptious.

It will also be the last time I see some of the friends I’ve made here, since they are on different study trips and might not be back in Beijing the same time I am.  So it will be bittersweet.

The rough itinerary of our study trip is at  <http://www.studyabroad-china.net/study%20trips.html&gt; I’m going on the red line.  It will include the terra cotta soldiers, the panda reserve, amazing scernery, etc.  My boss said that Longsheng was his favorite place in China, so that is exciting.  I can’t wait to see more of China than just the NE corner.

Well, my finals started yesterday at 9am and I just finished a couple hours ago (10am the next day!), so I think it’s nap and shower time.

Before I leave, here is proof that I am making the face mask trend catch on amongst us non-Chinese:


3 Responses to “在中国。。。we celebrate Thanksgiving with ten hours of finals and Beijing roast duck!”

  1. Texas Auntie Says:

    Jennifer, I have enjoyed your blog on your China experience. Your grandmother Phyllis Duncan would be proud of you as am I. She graduated in 1944 from the University of California Berkley with a degree in journalism, and she loved to write. After the WWII she left San Francisco with 3 other young women to travel around the world. They worked for Matson Shipping in SF and secured jobs through connections of Matson at their first stop Honolulu in what was then the Territory of Hawaii. Travel then was only by ship so the 4 girls each made a formal dress for evening dining on the ship and then shared the dresses. Your Grandmother’s job was in the office at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel which was THE grand hotel in the Islands. She loved the Islands and the hotel catered to famous people from all over the world. The 4 girls had planned to work in Hawaii long enough to replenish their funds before heading out to other parts of the world, but the foursome went no further than Hawaii. Your Grandmother met your Grandfather Fred who was also working at the hotel as a porter, they married, your Aunt Cecelia started on her journey, and so they returned in early 1949 to the States for her birth. Your Grandmother wrote stories of her time in Hawaii which was still unblemished by the vast tourist industry, but when their home burned in 1968 the stories and most pictures were lost. She would have been fascinated by your blog and your writings. Your Uncle Mike and I talk often of how she would have loved the internet and being able to communicate through on-line journalism.

    We are glad you’ve had a great experience and made some good friends. We are also glad at the age of 21 that you realize what a great country and life we have in the USA – sadly this is something many of our citizens never realize.

    We thought about you having Thanksgiving in China; Matt having Thanksgiving in Kuwait; and Andy and his Family having Thanksgiving in Hungary. Our family stretches around the globe this Holiday Season and yet we can keep in touch through the internet – life is good!

    Enjoy your journey over the next 2 weeks, stay safe, and have a great trip HOME!! Love, Texas Auntie P.S. I too would love to see the Terra Cotta soldiers, but I’ll have to settle for Katy, TX down near Houston where they have an outdoor set up in minature of the soldiers. ENJOY!

    • jenniferautumn Says:

      Wow she had such an interesting life. Dad told us she and grandpa worked at the Royal Hawaiian, so when we were in Hawaii this summer I took Hillary and sneaked in so we could see it. It is such a shame that all her writing was lost, it would be so interesting to read it. I love hearing your stories! The world is still wide open for us. I love that we’re all over the globe but still in communication. But I’m even more glad that I will still be home for Christmas!

  2. I toast your China duck with a vegetarian feast! Your Colorado family’s meal was completely meat free! No animal was harmed for our enjoyment! Erin made her famous cheese enchiladas, sweet potato casserole and apple spice cake. She also brought a delicious cranberry side dish. The rest of the meal consisted of a tofu nut loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, the mandarin orange salad, and of course rolls. We had enough hors d’oeuvres that we could have had 10 more people so we are living off of leftovers now.

    I love to hear about how you accepted the schools attempt at making the US students visit enjoyable, via the Chinese way. I am so impressed with the school you were to able to attend, they have been wonderful and have gone out of their way to make your time there enjoyable so that you have less homesickness and can get the most out of your study abroad time.

    I am soo looking forward to your trip home!!!

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