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OK, here it is. The last post. Probably.

Posted in Uncategorized on January 22, 2010 by jenniferautumn

So, you have probably noticed by now that I have been back state-side for about a month.   I knew that I owed you, and myself, a final post.  I was waiting until something truly genius struck me, something profound that would wrap up my experience nicely and leave all of us satisfied of its completion.  Unfortunately, this inspiration has never hit me.

I think perhaps this has more to do with a problem with my First Premise in writing this.  The idea that I begin with that all other ideas much flow in the logic of.  My erroneous First Premise was that the experience was over, and I could write about its finishing.  I found that this is erroneous because before I even thought about writing this last post, before I had even settled back into my apartment in Denver, I was already contemplating ways to get back to China.  Yesterday I spent an hour looking at programs for me to go back and teach English in the summer.  No luck, because it’s hard to tell whats legit and what is not, so if you know of a reputable program, please let me know.  But my China experience is not over.

The good news is that my Chinese professor was impressed with my language ability, so perhaps I did pick something up while I was there.

Well, here’s my obligatory summary of the things I do not miss:

* spitting

*general lack of sanitation


*hour commute to work


*lack of a car


And the things that I am glad to have back:



*English (mostly)

*reunions with friends (the ones that are back anyways)

*DU classes and professors, whose quality is so far unmatched

*car, slash general freedom

*internet (which would have been even worse if I had stayed, if you have been following the news at all)


And things that I miss from China:

*friends on the program


*cheapness of everything (I can’t even afford groceries here)

*my internship

*learning the language

*our regular bars and clubs


There is nothing profound whatsoever in those lists, if you have been following my blog thus far none of it will be new to you.

I have settled back in with some reverse culture shock.  It took me until now really to get my head around being back.  I forgot all the passwords and number codes I should have remembered, how to drive (mostly.  actually the battery in my car died, like not no juice but actually kaput, so it wasn’t really me who couldn’t drive but I couldn’t figure that out), how to spell and speak normal English (it took me a few minutes to figure out why shood was spelled wrong), to switch back to English for my commonly used phrases,  to quit being sad when I made jokes in Chinese and no one understood or cared, and even to use a fork and knife again.

But I am glad to be back.  I am old enough to legally obtain alcohol now, so that’s been nice.  Most of my friends are either leaving to be abroad or still are abroad, so it’s been quiet.   I am searching for a job so I don’t have to put groceries on my credit card again.  I have started my English major and so far so good.  And I have been having fun looking at everyone else’s pictures and stories from their travels.

So, this is it.  Your final wrap up of this trip.  It’s over.  I feel like it was so long ago that I started this blog, packing all my clothes into space bags and wondering what new things would come into my life, expecting great change, and being terrified.  I am a different person now., but none of those feelings have changed.  This was the experience of a lifetime though I expect many more to come.  I have enjoyed blogging for you what I could, and hearing from you all as well.  I will continue blogging about my doings, either here or elsewhere, I haven’t decided.  For now, I am just settling into my new life again.

Well, this is it.  Goodbye, and good luck.  再见。