I am a University of Denver student about to embark to Beijing to study at Peking University (北大) for the fall semester.  This blog was created to document said adventure.  I will be leaving at the end of August, taking an insanely long flight with many lay overs to Beijing, where I will make myself at home in the dorms, take a full course load of China studies classes, work an internship, and experience the country in which I will be a minority for the first time in my life, until returning (hopefully) in December.

This blog is partly a requirement for a scholarship I may or may not have received (bureaucracy in it’s finest) but mostly at the bidding of various family and friends.  I hope I can appease all of you in my writings about my various antics, as I have never successfully documented my life before, even in journal or diary format, for more than a week.  I imagine it will be much more interesting once I am actually in China, but as I have been forewarned that if I get the privilege of internet it will be for a spotty couple hours a day, I thought it prudent to get used to this before leaving.

Enjoy, and remember:  this is partly your fault.

And now in Chinese:


No, just kidding.  That would be pretty impressive though, eh?  Maybe by the time I get back.


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