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Oh, dog.

Posted in Musings with tags , on August 18, 2009 by jenniferautumn

Something I’ll not miss miss probably miss:


Buster decides he wants to play while I’m in the middle of Office Space, refuses to move until this happens.  Now the geat dilemma of do-I-watch-movie-with-dog-in-middle-of-screen OR do-I-give-up-and-play-with-him-until-he-gets-tired-which-may-be-a-long-time-then-try-to-finish-movie-before-having-to-leave-for-work.

Guilty confession (a.k.a. mom don’t read any further or you’re yell at me later):  I tossed him a couple pepperoni’s off my pizza so he’d get distracted and move.  Don’t worry, I played with him later.

10 Days.