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Rant about disgusting piece of filth my sister is wearing as a token of her appreciation of a guy she doesn’t even see anymore.

Posted in Bad Decisions with tags on August 19, 2009 by jenniferautumn

Disgusting bracelet

If, while I’m in China, I get news of an epidemic disease that experts believe originated from the CU Boulder area, I will have strong suspicions of the source.  See exhibit A, above.  My sister has been wearing this bracelet, made out of rope, since before Christmas, last year.  She was given it by a guy that she used to be friends with, and now barely even talks to, because “he looked really sad when you made me take the last one off”.  I’m sorry, is the welfare of mankind less important to you? Do you have any idea what kind of diseases may be growing in this bracelet?  It reminds me of that old Simpsons episode when some hot chic spit on Bart’s hand and he decided to never wash it again. D.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g.  I would like to further point out that when guys decide to give me jewelery, they give it in the form of gold and diamonds.  Who makes a bracelet out of rope, you cheap bastard.  Especially one that cannot be removed and you start crying when it’s attempted.  If you want her to wear your jewelery forever, remember this simple phrase:  diamonds are forever.  Also a girl’s best friend.

Dear sister,
Take it off!  It’s starting to trigger my gag reflex.  And I think you may be getting rabies…

Disgusting bracelett1


Oh, dog.

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Something I’ll not miss miss probably miss:


Buster decides he wants to play while I’m in the middle of Office Space, refuses to move until this happens.  Now the geat dilemma of do-I-watch-movie-with-dog-in-middle-of-screen OR do-I-give-up-and-play-with-him-until-he-gets-tired-which-may-be-a-long-time-then-try-to-finish-movie-before-having-to-leave-for-work.

Guilty confession (a.k.a. mom don’t read any further or you’re yell at me later):  I tossed him a couple pepperoni’s off my pizza so he’d get distracted and move.  Don’t worry, I played with him later.

10 Days.

Visa Shout Out

Posted in Thank yous with tags , , , on July 29, 2009 by jenniferautumn

I would like to take a minute to extend a public and heartfelt thank you to my Aunt Lisa, without whom I would not be going to China this fall, at least not as easily.  More specifically, she was my all important link in Chicago near the China Embassy who took care of all my visa footwork, battled the agent who somehow decided my program was only half of the length that I said it was, and refused to take repayment.  So thank you Lisa for securing my visa and making the legitimacy of my trip possible.