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Prompt: A jewel-encrusted box is found in an ancient abandoned temple. Describe the box, what is in the box, and the temple.


Packing is the hardest part.

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Observe, please, the stack of textbooks I am supposed to be bringing with me.  Apparently these books are not available in Beijing in English, and so for our classes we are expected to bring them with us.  This is an average for 5 books per class, which I fear will fill up my entire carry on, as I don’t want to waste the precious weight allotment for my suitcases.  Getting them out there may not be so difficult, but getting them back is where I foresee infinite irritation.  After four month of living in China, you best believe I will have racked up my fill of mementos, and will be less willing to part with this very limited space that I have to again fill with books.  Leave them there, you say?  Perhaps, except that 16 textbooks, even purchased off amazon, amount to a chunk of change that I am loathe to part with without compensation.  We shall see, dear followers, we shall see.

As for the rest of the packing, it has not even begun outside of my wise purchase of “space bags”, those as-seen-on-TV beauties which you can suck the air out of to conserve space.  Weight, not so much.  I feel I will have to fork over another Benjamin just to be allowed on the plane.  How I will cart my stuff around Beijing is another question entirely.  And for me, a relatively light and simple packer, at least for a female, being so burdened will also cause infinite annoyance.  But adequate space must be allotted for previously mentioned mementos.  Look out, China, here I come.

6 Days

DU Health Center

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I have been very impressed with how helpful the DU Health Center has been with my study abroad experience.  While I foolishly began trying to take care of everything medically through my usual doctor’s office, which was going to send me to two different places for travel medicine, one of which never acted on my request for an appointment even after four voicemails, and then have me do the insurance dance to get them to cover anything, it didn’t take long for me to get frustrated.
I had the bright idea to try the DU health center, and short story shorter, I got my prescriptions for about a 1/4 of what I would have had to pay through insurance, got a same day appointment that took care of all my travel medicine and vaccinations, and got health insurance for abroad right away after discovering that my normal insurance isn’t applicable in China.
Today I went in for what was, hopefully, my last trip (while I love them it is an hour drive every time!).   I didn’t even have time to finish filling out the short form they gave me before being ushered into a room, questioned about my trip, and the right away a doctor came in to see me and discuss what immunizations I should have.  It was awesome.
The doctor also asked me about my Invisible Children shirt, and was impressed by how much meaning was behind the two words.  He then told me about Hemingway’s six word novel, professedly his favorite work, that read:
For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.
I have been pondering this novel since I left.  This was a doctor after my own heart.
So thank you, DU health center.  You have made my trip preparation so much easier.

❤ Jenn